Friday, March 28, 2014

Week 33

Currently in the midst of a two week spring break for Arlo. Skateparks and beach trips, picnics and playdates. Luckily, my regular exhaustion has eased a little and I have been mostly able to keep up with it all. Him. His requests, and all the usual chaos that come with an unwritten weekly schedule to suddenly fill while they are home.

And yet still so much in way of a new baby is left unchecked. The room remains empty except for a crowd of old boxes that need to find their place, the basic clothing items, not bought, even the bare essentials remanning solely on those mental lists I've been making along the way. All things I will need to fully focus on this coming month, with a due date hanging less than 40 days above my head.
The days passing faster than I can even fathom.

In spite of the unpreparedness, we are all very excited. Looking forward to Springtime and then school coming to an end to open up a long summer on the beach with a baby in tow. We still have no names, for either sex. Just a handful of "maybes" . . . but I've learned not to let that worry me so much seeing that sometimes the names I had chosen indefinitely did not actually suit the newborn in my arms. After all, when I think about the fact that Rex, could have easily been a 'Dylan' or a 'James' or an 'Everett,' it makes me laugh. Clearly, the boy is 100 percent, a REX.

Other than that, the regular heartache, chocolate cravings and restless sleep are here to stay.
Good thing I've been fortunate to enjoy some pretty vivid dreams to help keep me entertained lately. Most notably, the ones in which Hayes Caryll and Don Draper make an appearance.
(#cheapthrills, indeed)

Also, this dress here is such a dream. The gifts Michelle sent this week naturally made my day. All pieces I know I will own and wear forever. And yet still suit me in this hugely expanded state.
Thank you kindly, Michelle. I adore your style and design and greatly appreciate your generosity in sharing them.

Now, after a long and stressful week (more details on that later. . .)  we are off to spend the weekend with our friends and their girls at their family's place in Palm Springs. Desert heat and a pool to soak in definitely being the highlight of our spring vacation as a whole.

But first, to the Dollar Store to stock up on floaties, sunblock, and, obviously, chocolate.

* Info on the lovely Callahan brand here.

Photos by Leon Thomas 

Cheap Thrills

Never underestimate the power of a blazing fire on a cold Wednesday night with s'mores and milk in a warm corner of your backyard after a long and especially stress-filled week. 

Rain and all. 

I know it did us a lot of good...

Thursday, March 20, 2014

First of Spring

The first of Spring showing up today in clean bright light pouring through our morning windows.

Breakfast smoothies made of chocolate almond milk, peanut butter, honey and bananas before school.

Rubber band bracelet loom kits and busy hands crowding our coffee table. One boy, especially eager to see the start of his spring break beginning next week.

My favorite Orange flowers standing bold against all the other regular greenery in our home . . . some flourishing, some suffering due to plain neglect or inconsistent sun. Plenty of spots for new plants on their way this weekend, with a local nursery sale starting Saturday in which we will be stocking up and refilling what last season helped kill.
My own specific picks, already in mind.

This baby bird we watched a nest come together for in the low hanging branch above our wicker bench out back. In over a week it seems he's nearly outgrown that well crafted little spot that stood strong agaisnt our only major storm a couple weeks ago, and should be flying off any day now. This morning, he was nice enough to let us snap some photos before he does.

House cleaning, sheets soaking, windows washed, and chairs propped in the sunlight ready to enjoy longer days in our newly finished backyard.

With Easter just around the corner, and a due date right behind it.

Spring is here.
And we are already basking in it's arrival.
In simplest of ways.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Last Monday at The Bay

As of now, it's getting harder and harder for me to figure out what to post here other than general
complaints about how utterly exhausted I am. I'd say we are doing our best to get out and stay fairly active with such nice weather on us now, but that usually means me fighting the ever pressing urge to simply collapse back into bed at any given hour during the day, and sleep my afternoon away. 

I don't. But some days I really, really want to. 

Last week, when my energy was more willing, we spent another exceptionally beautiful monday at Newport Beach Back bay with Kate, Anne and their sprightly beach crew. I spent plenty of years here as a kid myself. Playing on that short sand bank near the small wood dock where all the pretty sail boats park, so I was happy to see all the other kids who were here for the first time seemed to enjoy it just as well. 

This weekend, however, kind of sucked me dry. We had a wedding renewal ceremony here at our home in our backyard Saturday evening - which meant non stop (last minute) construction up until the  very start of it - And then a dear friend's baby shower Sunday morning followed by our annual dinner with another friend to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with her infamous corn beef and cabbage meal Sunday night. A whirlwind of non stop places "to be" which I'm still trying my best to fully recover from. 

Also, partly the reason behind why I've allowed myself to neglect nearly all of my regular monday chores today while sitting like a wet rag on the couch in pajamas glued to the television - specially CNN news detailing that still missing plane. Admittedly, if not slightly, growing more and more obsessed by the fact of it as the days go on. Typical of our relationship, I tend to get totally wrapped up in the more remote conspiracies being tossed around while Mike sticks solely to only the most practical least dramatic possibilities involved. As usual, all my amped up efforts to convince him of some of the doomed and mysterious aspects of any of these type caliber news events always end up falling flat because of his casual distain for anything bordering the bizarre. He has it chalked up to being a big world with a lot of ocean and a crashed plane sitting like a needle in a haystack under our radar, while I have it mentally parked on a remote island awaiting sinister new plots to unfold . . . or, more embarrassingly, mirroring the fate of LOST which, by the way, I have to say is still one of THE best shows ever on TV. And obviously one that apparently that left a huge impression on my brain. Though I suppose I'm not alone. Media news ratings are soaring, and I have to believe I am not the only one wasting my hours rooted on the couch with Anderson Cooper, mid afternoon on an otherwise lovely Monday. . .

Other than that, I'm hoping to regain some sense of motivation back this week and get to sharing this new blog I've been working towards which I am dead set on debuting this Month. It has a couple little issues I need to work out and then it should be good to go. Hopefully, fingers crossed, I find the time, and energy to see it through. 

And laundry. I should probably focus some on that too . . .

Oh Monday.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Around the Corner, in Mud and Sun

Sometimes I honestly forget how easily entertained boys are by being simply outside. Getting dirty. Kicking rocks. All kids in general, for that matter.

Saturday I was feeling bad about having nothing planned for our weekend, with it being so pretty out but my energy was at an all time low. I knew as much as I wanted to be on the sand I just could not pull it off as tired as I was feeling. We ended up down the street. Old faithful. Under that big shady oak tree we've come to claim as our own. Then over the hill where the remnants of our last big (and only) winter storm settled into a makeshift pond near the flat lots where all the new homes are being built. Here we sat for two hours. Watching them toss sticks and rocks and float leaves around the muddy waters. Delight running rampant while tramping all around the dirt.

Leon, understandably not so fond of such adventures. Some of the sensory issues he suffered from as a baby still prohibiting his love for such filthy, squishy, enjoyment even in boyhood. He stayed back, with clean shoes, and laughed just as hard as them though.

Later that day we sleep through most of the late afternoon. A pile of sun burnt shoulders and worn out limbs with the shades pulled down in their room. After a good rest I had them set the table outside and we ate chicken kabobs, wild rice and corn on the cob before deciding to crash their uncle's house for a late night swim in the spa before bed. The prefect end to an unplanned day.
Leaving me very little to complain about.

I've come to fully accept there will be little, if any rainfall to look forward to this winter.
But with days like these, I have to say I'm easily distracted. Suddenly very much looking forward to Springtime. More afternoons in the sun, there at their ever evolving tree house, as well as trips to our community pool which they should be heating up here very soon.

All the good stuff, just within in these very corners of our streets.