Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Dye Date

A couple weeks ago Anne invited me to her house for a little mid week girls date, an indigo dye gathering she had be wanting to do for awhile now, which I happily obliged. I'd been to one other last summer in San Diego and walked away with a beautiful dyed beach blanket I  love and use constantly. This time, I only brought along a few smaller items I picked up last minute. A baby onsie, a boy's Hanes tee shirt and a set of dinner napkins & dishtowels.

Originally, I had high expectations, hoping to make a fun little video out of the day with some loose visual instruction on the different techniques used and each of the results that came of them, but I was understandably side tracked by a nursing newborn, a veggie snack tray, one cold beer, and plenty of good conversation. So these photos here, are all that's to be said of the day unless Anne decides to post some how-to's on her site. I know she had a makeshift tunic cloth she was planning on dying later in the week so maybe she'll share with us how that one turned out.

I defiantly recommend this as a fun and creative date to host for your girlfriends. It's a nice and cheap summer craft and a great excuse to hang out. Also oddly addicting. Driving home, I started to think of everything that could probably benefit from a little indigo dip. The ends of Arlo's hair, the ugly curtains I had stashed in the closet, thank you cards, and even the VW bus Mike's been itching to paint for months, started to seem like the perfect choice for a nice, sublet indigo ombre layering job. Though he found the vision not so amusing.

In other news, I've been downright exhausted these past two weeks. Trying my best to keep up a bit here, a LOT around home, and a little everywhere else. Still not sleeping much but the face I get to wake up to every morning makes it worth it all a hundred times over.

As goes new motherhood.

Friday, June 20, 2014

One Month

Sweet Hayes.
Five weeks now, to be precise.
Day by day, making our home light shine a whole lot brighter.

* Also, thank you for all your solid input on the last post. So many great comments, and suggestions we   will most definitely be making use of over at The Ma Books here soon.

And please, keep the suggestions, contributions, personal comments coming. Together we can build a site we all love and look forward to reading. You know, a village, as they say.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

With Time on 'the Books'

So I haven't been posting here as regularly these past couple of weeks for two good reasons.
One, being that I am deliriously in love with this new baby and spending a good chunk of my days in bed, hiding (when I can) from the regular non stop chaos that reigns just outside my door while trying my best to soak in all the bliss that comes with seeing this new tiny being you waited and imagined for nine or ten long months here at your lap, loving you back with fierce but silent adoration. Nursing, napping, loving, laughing. Exhausted, naturally, but head over heels in love.

The second is that I've been devoting what free time I do have (none really . . .) to getting The Ma Books to where it needs to be to match the initial vision I had from the start. A few weeks ago, when I caught wind of another, very similar style mother based communal blog that popped up right after the release of ours I was at first excited to see that maybe the trend of connecting experiences regarding different women and their take on motherhood on the whole was starting to take shape. That maybe we would in fact come to have a nice variety to read and learn from. And that maybe, just maybe, more people than I realized were finally sick and tired of being played a fool, seeking out blogs and bloggers  that house content you actually look forward to reading and relating to, while only winding up feeling lost in another superficial cyber abyss shoving tribal kiddie leggings, exotic rugs, overpriced toys and ever changing trending decor, Swedish sandals, and ridiculous"mother must haves" in an array of consumer links so cluttered and enticing that you forgot what it was you were initially seeking to connect with or read about because you got so caught up pinning and pining after every stupid overly curated imagine / item tossed your way. In short, it became clear right away that this new glossy, over polished site was just more of the same. Only worse because while touting itself as a all encompassing embrace of motherhood, it appeared to lend about 85 percent of it's content to peaking the rise of your credit card rather than anything even slightly weighed with an ounce of humility or heart. I visited once and had a dizzying overwhelmed reaction similar to stumbling into the grand opening of a Sak's Fifth Avenue. Or something worse. . .

And if you're not sure what I'm referring to here, consider yourself lucky.

On the bright side, it pushed me to see that while feeling fully exhausted at the moment, I really needed to invest in growing this other site because it was starting to feel increasingly vital. Putting out what I yearned for in a "mom blog" trusting that others out there felt the same way. Eager for real life voices, stories and issues from real life moms not wholeheartedly concentrated on perfecting the corners of a fancy mid century nursery but rather sharing bits of their lives and journey, leaving you feeling part of something rather than less than something. Especially when that special "something" isn't even remotely real to begin with.

So I am here to say that if my posts on this site feel sporadic or briefer than usual, this is why. I do enjoy sharing here because at the end of the day I like simply having it down as a documentation of our life as an ever evolving family. But I also feel like the time now is more desperate than ever to put an end to the gross misconception that we as women and mothers are mere numbers with over anxious desires to buy and spend and not much more.

For now, just know that I am dedicated to building this other site slowly, steadily. Hoping to find more time to invest in more in depth, personal posts of my own as well as sharing outside stories from those contributing. And please, if you do have any ideas or experiences or photography pieces you wish to share with us, feel free to write us at:

And a warm thank you, once again, for reading.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Scenes from a Weekend / Summer Camping

Our first camp date of the sumer season was last weekend. As usual, it proved a good reminder of all that we are not prepared for as far as camp necessities go. In all honesty, we are kind of awful at camping. We either bring too much clothing, or not enough, often forget the lighters and the lanterns and misplace all the items we did buy to add to our collection in hopes of becoming more organized in our packing and stocking of that old RV. Luckily, by the end of summer we typically have it down and our trips become a little more relaxing with every outing. But for now, our disorder caused brief moments of frustration and some added stress.

That aside, it was a beautiful weekend with so many friends and their families joining us Sunday. Each of them filtering in at different times. The kids running amuck on the hot sand, burying each other in the sand, hanging from the hammock, and the older ones trying their foot out on a surfboard when the waves were small and steady enough not to intimidate them too much. We all had a blast, the weather was perfect and baby Hayes, as expected, proved a natural at the art of beachside lounging.

Can't wait to do it all over again here soon.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Around Here

We are taking it slow. Soaking in every ounce of this new fresh baby. Laying in bed most of the day. Napping, nursing, talking, staring.

This boy, he's a smart one. Somehow I had it in my head that a fourth baby might arrive and just fall into the ebb and flow of this crazy household. Predicting a calm, undemanding demeanor. And yet little Hayes is proving the most attached of all of them. Non stop feedings, and only fully content when he is just within 5 inches from my face, in my lap, or on my chest. His careful blue eyes studying my every move, wholeheartedly interested in every line, every blink or smile that marks my face.

This past week the whole family got hit with an awful case of the stomach flu upon returning from our first seasonal beach trip. And then there was the case of the stolen car. My jeep taken from our driveway almost two weeks ago now. Stocked with mostly a few new baby items, Leon's glasses, the only sonogram photo I had and a few of their school art projects I had tucked in the trunk. Luckily, the car was found yesterday and the only remaining item in there was the glasses. As much of a headache as the whole thing proved, and as hard as this week has been, physically and mentally - cleaning up vomit, while nursing a newborn and trying my hardest to keep up with the last of their preschool festivities, I have still been able to let it all roll off my shoulders and focus on all that is right and calm in our home right now with the arrival of Hayes. Watching those blue eyes fall heavy with exhaustion when he is tired. His tummy slowly expanding, growing fuller and fatter as the weeks go, limbs getting fleshy and hands more curious. Unfolding in his own way. Day by day growing bigger, and brighter and steadier, and somehow, even more handsome than the day before.